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We Are Different: Technical Writers Who Can Hang with Your Engineers

TechDoc Experts Inc. provides advanced technical writing services to the computer industry. We have exceptional writers with Ph.D.s in computer science, patents in computer technology, and awards for engineering accomplishments at top-tier companies. We are the best technical writers because we understand your technology and your engineers.

This means we fit in with your engineering teams more easily than other tech writers and interact with you and your staff as peers. The result? Better docs, using less of your engineers’ time.

We Do All Types of Tech Docs

We write for all audiences – internal and external, programmers to end users. For example, we’ve done:

We’ve been at this for decades. Our writers have worked for big companies (like Apple, Adobe, EMC, Fidelity, PayPal, Xerox) and small companies. We do docs of all sizes, long and short.

Writing clear, coherent, well organized technical docs is really hard. This is our expertise.

Your Doc Problems

You have one or more docs written by engineers. You have a vague sense they’re not great, but you’re not sure why or how to improve them.

Maybe you don’t have docs written yet, but you really need an architecture overview or other docs, to onboard new hires faster, make sure all the engineers are on the same page, and capture key corporate knowledge that's only in people's heads.

Or maybe you have API docs auto-generated from developers’ comments in the code. Almost certainly, they're incomplete, inaccurate, and hard for newcomers to understand. In a survey, developers were asked to rank the most important factors in an API. Number one? "Complete and accurate documentation."

You know you need good documentation but don’t know how to get from here to there. Our most frequent question from prospective clients goes like this: We don’t have anything written down, or whatever we have is out of date and has big holes. We’re not really sure what we need. How can anyone work with this mess?

Did we mention that you’re very busy? You need a tech writer, but it has to be someone who is self managing and can handle chaos.

No problem. Your situation is more common than you think, and we deal with it – successfully – all the time.

Our Solution

Don’t worry, this is our forte.

Our deep experience gives us a big toolkit, so we can tailor our approach to your situation. We’ll look at your drafts, Wikis, presentations, whatever – no matter how rough they are. We might interview or record your subject matter experts. Even if the information is only in people’s heads, we can get started.

Then we’ll ask targeted questions. This is key to our process: our writers are smart enough to ask the right questions.

Through review drafts, questions are answered and material is clarified. We stay in touch, to track open issues and complete your docs on time. Once the first version is done, we can set up a process to maintain docs over time, ensuring they don’t get stale.

It works – when you start with the right tech writers.


Dr. Ronni Rosenberg is an expert in technical communications and has been a technical writer for decades. She also built and managed doc groups at several tech companies and was Vice-President at Fidelity Investments, responsible for enterprise products technical documentation and training. Dr. Rosenberg was a National Science Foundation Fellow at Harvard University and has a Ph.D. from MIT’s Computer Science department.

Dr. Mark Friedell was a founder with the World Economic Forum, CEO, and CTO of Advanced Video Communications Inc.; chief architect of the advanced technology group at Lotus Development; and Senior Computer Scientist at Xerox. He was on the Computer Science faculties at Harvard University and the University of Waterloo. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and was awarded US Patent 5,491,508, “PC Video Conferencing."

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